Dee Dee's is the best Indian buffet in south bay

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Home Style Delicious Shirkhand!

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meetateamIf you are craving the bold flavors of authentic Indian food, come to deedeeā€™s restaurant! Our talented, experienced chefs are comprised of professional cooks from India and we offer authentic Indian Cuisine made from fresh, whole-some ingredients and traditional Indian herbs. Exotic sauces and flavors intermingle on your plate, and the hot, tangy aromas waft up to meet your nose, creating an exciting taste journey you can experience only in our restaurant.

We all recognize the importance of maintaining safety and quality throughout the food preparation. There is artistry in the preparation of food.

Our aim is to give you an enjoyable dining experience. Please let us know how we may serve you better. Cooking is an art that comes straight from the heart, just like all passions in life – it takes a little effort, and a lot of inspiration. The joy cooking gives you comes from experimenting, transforming and ultimately creating something new.